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Auth code Auth response Response definition
00 Approval Approved and completed
01 Call Refer to issuer
02 Call Refer to issuer
04 Hold-call / Pick Up Card Pick up card (no fraud)
05 Decline Do not honor
06 Error General error
06 (Custom Text) Error response text from payment processor
07 Hold-call / Pick Up Card Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)
08 Approval Honor Mastercard with ID
10 Partial Approval Partial approval for the authorized amount
11 Approval VIP approval
12 Invalid Trans Invalid transaction
13 Amount Error Invalid amount
14 Card No. Error Invalid card number
15 No Such Issuer No such issuer
19 RE Enter Re-enter transaction
21 No Action Taken Unable to back out transaction
28 No Reply Payment processor is temporarily unavailable
34 Transaction Cancelled Mastercard use only, Transaction Cancelled; Fraud Concern
39 No Credit Acct No credit account
41 Hold-call / Pick Up Card Lost card, pick up (fraud account)
43 Hold-call / Pick Up Card Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)
51 Decline Insufficient funds
52 No Check Account No checking account
53 No Save Account No savings account
54 Expired Card Expired card
55 Wrong PIN Incorrect PIN
57 Serv not allowed Transaction not permitted / Card
58 Serv not allowed Transaction not permitted / Terminal
59 Serv not allowed Transaction not permitted / Merchant
61 Declined Exceeds withdrawal limit
62 Declined Invalid service code, restricted
63 Sec Violation Security violation
65 Declined Activity limit exceeded
75 PIN Exceeded PIN tried exceeded
76 Unsolicated Reversal Unable to locate, no match
77 No Action Taken Inconsistant data, reversed, or repeat
78 No Account No account
81 Encryption Error Cryptographic error
82 Incorrect CVV CVV data is not correct
83 Cannot Verify PIN Cannot verify PIN
85 Card OK No reason to decline
86 Cannot Verify PIN Cannot verify PIN
91 No Reply Issuer is unavailable
92 Invalid Routing Destination not found
93 Decline Violation, cannot complete
94 Duplicate Trans Unable to locate, no match
96 System Error System malfunction
CV Failure CV Card Type Verification Error
D3 3D-Secure Cryptogram Failure Transaction failure due to missing or invalid 3D-Secure cryptogram
EA Acct Length Err Verification error
EB Check Digit Err Verification error
EC CID Format Error Verification error
N4 Decline Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit
N7 CCV2 Mismatch CVV2 Value supplied is invalid
T0 Approval First check is OK and has been converted
T1 Cannot Convert Check is OK but cannot be converted; This is a declined transaction
T3 Amount Error Amount greater than the limit
T6 MICR Error MICR error
T7 Too Many Checks Too many checks (over merchant or bank limit)
V1 Failure VM Daily threshold exceeded